Salted City Sports Pickleball Supplier

Salted City Sports

Salted City Sports Salted City Sports started with a dream to influence the pickleball community. Founded in 2021 by Hayden Bruce, Salted City Sports began in Utah. Hayden is a full time college student and purses a career in marketing. Now Salted City Sports is a worldwide pickleball manufacturer providing the highest quality paddles on...

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PCKL Pickleball Supplier


OUR STORY Based in Atlanta, GA – the racquet sports capital of America – and operated by a team of seasoned professionals, PCKL is on a mission to show that pickleball is more than just a game between the sidelines. Our team believes in creating great experiences and amazing products for customers...

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The New Game Flex Racket

The New Game “Flex Racket”

THE NEW GAME “FLEX RACKET” These are different types of table tennis training devices or toys. Flex Racket, Elastic Soft Axis Table Tennis, and Table Tennis Trainer Elastic are all types of flexible rackets that can be used to practice different shots and improve your skills. They allow you to...

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